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The Hayden Monument

The only known granite monument erected to the memory of Dr. F.V. Hayden was placed at Glenrock, Wyoming, thanks to the tireless efforts of the renowned photographer, William H. Jackson. Dr. Hayden first came to the Deer Creek area while attached to a military operation called the “Expedition of the Yellowstone”. As a doctor, he looked after the medical needs of the troops wintering at the Twiss Indian Agency, 1859-1860. As a geologist, he did scientific research for the government. Credited with later founding the U.S. Geological Survey, he began writing annual geological reports, the first published in 1867. He visited the Deer Creek in both 1870 and 1871, observing that …”the coal bed . . . on fire in the winter of 1859-1860 . . . is still on fire”, and had baked the earth “to a brick red color”. Accompanying Hayden both years, was pioneer photographer William H. Jackson, who on August 17, 1870, made the first photograph of Converse County’s “Natural Bridge”. The following year, he accompanied Dr. Hayden on an official expedition to explore the Yellowstone country. There, Jackson recorded the first photographs ever taken of the wonders of that region. Armed with the photographic evidence, the marvels of Yellowstone could no longer be disputed. For the previous six decades, the outside world had scoffed at the tales of rumblings in the ground, boiling mud, steaming geysers and great waterfalls. Upon returning to Washington, Hayden and Jackson put their talents to work, convincing Congress that a bill should be passed preserving the natural state of the region forever. As a result of their concerted efforts, Yellowstone National Park came into existence, March, 1872 as the first national park in the United States.

The Hayden Monument may be seen in Kimball