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Rock in the Glen

Continental Pipeline Company donated the Rock in the Glen Park property to the Town of Glenrock in August 1982. The park property has direct access from the Glenrock Jaycee Park on the west edge of Glenrock.

Glenrock has gone through many transformations.

It was the Deer Creek Crossing in the early days of emigration. By 1849 there were many ferries operating along the Platte River and the Deer Creek. There was a short period of time when there was a Mormon settlement in the area. Then, later a mail station was established for the Pony Express on the west side of the creek, named Deer Creek Station. This was later used as a telegraph office. The station was burned after an epidemic of smallpox since the blacksmith shop was used to house the sick.

The town then went through a time being named Mercedes. After that, it was named Nuttell for William Nuttell who was mining coal deposits in the area.

In 1887 the town applied for a post office and had to have a permanent name. Ed J. Wells suggested the name Glenrock because of the rock overlooking the glen. This name was adopted and Mr. Wells became the first postmaster.

The Rock in the Glen still has the names of the some of the emigrants that passed through Glenrock carved into its face stones.


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