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Deer Creek Station

STAGE AND PONY EXPRESS STATION: Originally a pioneer and Indian trading post in the 1850’s, the settlement first took on the name of “Deer Creek Station” as a relay terminal for the Overland Stage system. In 1860, it became a “home station” for the pony express. A remarkable feat of courage by pony rider Henry Avis took place here resulting in the Pony Express Company paying him a bonus of $300 for exceptional bravery. Upon reaching Horseshoe Station (about one mile south of present day Glendo, Wyoming), Avis found the relay rider unwilling to carry the mail. Up ahead marauding Sioux Indians were on the war path. Undaunted, Avis changed horses and rode into the night. He reached Deer Creek Station only to find the station abandoned, the station keeper missing and all the relay mounts stolen. To compound matters, the east-bound pony express rider also refused to ride any further. So Avis once more took to the saddle, returning to Horseshoe Station. Without a rest he had covered 220 dangerous miles on horseback.

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