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City Information

History runs deeper than the multitude of historic trail ruts across the country near Glenrock.

Glenrock’s greatest asset is its uniqueness as a place to live and raise a family in harmony with nature; it is a place to grow; it is a place to easily make life-long friendships.  Within minutes of any doorstep, one can enjoy a multitude of some of the most beautiful country and mountain scenery to be found.  The countryside maintains the primitive, relatively untouched appeal which is seldom experienced in today’s rushing world.  Filled with the simple and uncontaminated joys of nature, it is the land upon which dreams are built, challenges met and goals realized.

The total product of applying the low tax incentives, the availability and accessibility of land, a friendly, progressive community and easy and un-congested recreational facilities make Glenrock an ideal location to invest and expand.

One of Wyoming’s most sought after and treasured wealth lies in its abundance of wildlife.  This plentiful habitat of fowl, fish and game has attracted outdoors men from all parts of the globe.

To the west and south, the majestic mountains fling themselves skyward in defiance of the plains which spawned them eons ago.  The great plains of Wyoming stretch eastward, their vastness a reminder that this is the West that was, still preserved in the condition as first seen by explorers and pioneers who settled on the windswept prairies.

Glenrock is situated roughly at the confluence of the North Platte River and Deer Creek.  The Platte is becoming a fine recreational area for hunting and fishing.  And Glenrock’s peripheral area and outlying lands are respected for enjoying some of the finest antelope and deer hunting in the entire west.  Stream fishing is also available in the northern end of the Laramie Mountains just six miles south of town.  Casper Mountain, located 25 miles west, offers fine winter skiing and snowmobiling as well as being a popular summer recreational area.  Social, religious, fraternal and educational activities are available along with a full slate of recreational programs ranging from golf, physical fitness and health centers to baseball, basketball and tennis.

Highly-acclaimed educational facilities in Glenrock have demonstrated a considerable degree of inventiveness in the design of buildings and implementation of programs, geared to the specific needs of individual students.

To educate Glenrock’s pupils, the district maintains four local schools and two rural, one-teacher schools.  All four schools are modern with excellent facilities such as swimming pools, auditoriums and a track and activities complex.  Although the school offers a full slate of social and athletic events for both men and women the emphasis is on the mastery of basic fundamentals.

The Glenrock Diagnostic and Treatment Center offers the citizens of Glenrock and western Converse County a total health care center.  Housed in a multi-million dollar facility, the Glenrock clinic provides doctors, dentists, optometrist and chiropractors in addition to full lab and emergency care facilities.

It is of little wonder, when viewing the total picture, why Glenrock boasts of being…the best of both worlds.